Silicon Ventures Management Ltd is a sector focused group with enhanced high value expertise in the semiconductor domain. Silicon Ventures is a high end boutique global Semiconductor Venture and Management Consulting group, whose expertise is specifically targeted at making any semiconductor company around the world successful. Silicon Ventures Management has built on its long experience and its expertise in building profitable semiconductor business units and companies in the semiconductor industry in USA, Europe and Asia.It has the world's largest global network of high end Semiconductor experts at the top executive level as well as the operating level in Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Product Development and Manufacturing. The group offers expertise in the domains of Semiconductor Venture Investment, Venture Creation, Due Diligence, Strategy /Management Consulting, Chip/Software design Execution, Cost Effective Dedicated Semiconductor Design Center buildup in India and Europe ,Manufacturing Cost Reduction, Customer Relationships and Bringing to Profitability /Exit by IPO or M&A.